I'm A 35yr old male. I'm hard working, fun, friendly, honest, outgoing, respectful. Originally from N.Y. I moved to Rhode Island in October 95. I've lived in NY, RI, MASS, CT, AZ and then i decided to come home. I have always felt you never know what you can learn from the people you meet as you go through life. So why not take any and all lessons and apply them to the rest of your life. I have no kids and wouldn't mind them in the future but wanna be sure i'm ready to be a daddy as well as a father. I work two sometimes three jobs to try and build a secure future for myself and my family (if i ever have the privilege to have one.) Right now I work as a Production Lead / Manager during the day. A few nights a week I moonlight as a Bouncer, Security and sometimes Bodyguard. After 15 or so years of this type of schedule i'm hoping to take the bodyguarding to a more full time level. There's something about being (the big, burly, mean looking protector) type who actually has a heart i find refreshing. So if your interested in talking more or getting to know more about me please feel free to contact me.